lundi 20 octobre 2008

More about Supernana

In today’s society, there is a growing need for real and durable materials for children. An increasing number of people chooses not to overfeed their children with cheap throw-away products.

Supernana produces and sells warm and cool things from times gone by to protect you and your baby from the cold and the heat; handfelted or crocheted hats, warm baby wraps and box blankets. All our products are robust and handmade from natural materials. We prefer to use organic products whenever possible. By starting from excellent base materials and working them with care, we can guarantee the quality of our final product.We try to contribute to a more caring society by the way we make our products.

Our supernanas work at home in Belgium or together in our workshop, as much as they like, whenever they like. We choose explicitly not to produce in a low-wages country. We believe that the added expense as a clear added value, because in this way, supernana creates a social and economical network which benefits all participants.

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