jeudi 22 avril 2010


Here, at the 826 VALENCIA, in the Mission District (definetelely our favourite area). Such an experience !
826, first, there is a pirate store, the only independent pirate supply store. Here, you will find glass eyes, messages in a bottle, eyepatches, pirate dices, flags, tattoos, t-shirts, ... Plus all proceeds from the store go toward the 826 Valencia Writing Center.

Indeed, at the back of this incredible shop (inside the shop everyone seems to have fun all the day ! See for example the picture where a young guy was surprised but happy, to receive a mop on his head!) there is a writing center , one of the teacher and co-founder is the american writer, Dave Eggers (remember the hilarious book " A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" ?) also known for the screenplay of Spike Jonze 's film " Where the Wild Things Are " adapted from Maurice Sendak's book. See also Eggers 's activities as a publisher : McSweeney's independent publishing house.

The San Francisco's center (a nonprofit writing and tutoring center for kids ages 6-18) is the first that Eggers opened with the benefit he earned with his first bestselling book, now 7 others centers have been created in LA, NYC, Seattle, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Boston & Michigan.

I really appreciate the idea to be a support for students( from 6 to 18) with their writing skills and a help for teachers in get their students more and more interested about the literature !

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