vendredi 30 avril 2010


Justine Glanfield is a young british knitwear designer (Burberry, Lacoste), based in Brussels who has launched a very exciting ecological childrenswear label "Cotton&Milk". She has a splendid talent for choosing the colors, cuts, buttons and the quality is of very high level. It's a kind of "retro chic" style, so perfect !

The whole collection is made in Italy and is complemented by "Cotton&Milk Vintage" : see also skirts, dresses cut by Justine in vintage fabric that she finds all around the world during her travels. Indeed, her moto is " if the material already exists, I prefer to use it, no need to produce a new one !".

We completely agree with her position. We all have something to do, each one at his own level, for SAVE THE PLANET . In fashion as well as in all the other sectors ...

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